A Calendar Month…

I have a little under a month to go before I head off to southern France and walk what I have left of the Camino de Santiago. 28 days of waiting to be exact. What has struck me is how different I feel now to how I felt on the three previous occasions in 2011 to 2013. I have a greater deal of apprehension and excitement this time round, but I shouldn’t have, should I? I should be a veteran at this 🙂 In 2011, my preparation and training was non existent, and I was more worried about fund-raising than actually getting to Santiago from Sarria. In 2012, I walked from Leon to Sarria without a proper pair of walking boots or socks.

This year, I have been glued to the Camino forum, have met some really great people and picked up some great tips. I hope to meet some in St Jean before I head off the next morning and over the following 2 weeks, I may bump into them on a number of occasions. I’m toying with the idea of getting a taxi down with a few others from Biarritz / Bayonne to St Jean. There is of course the option of catching a train / bus down to St Jean for cheaper but it does take longer.

But after I leave St Jean, I have no idea what will happen. I have spoken to lots who are stopping in Orisson which is hostel situated 8km after St Jean. It splits the first stage in two. I’m going to plow on ahead. Unfortunately, it has only 30 beds or something, and reservations are taken very quickly. I hope to reach Belorado by the 15th of September. I have chosen Belorado as a stopping point as there is a direct bus you can catch that goes direct to Bilbao. I have the option of walking ahead and getting a taxi to Burgos but depends on how the feet are. From there I can get a train to Bilbao.

And what about when I return? What then? I have been reading up on the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago for 2015. But another part of me is tempted to walk another stretch of the French Way. I’m a little confused and have yet to set anything in stone. But I will be back next year at some stage.

It is a public holiday here in Ireland and I have a day off from work. So today I mainly have been looking for a lost passport. My pack at this moment in time looks like this…which is a mess 🙂

2014-08-04 16.57.50

Written by Clearskies Camino