Hello world!

Hello to one and all..I am David. I live in Dublin, the capital of Ireland but only a small town compared to the bigger cities around the world!
What I want to do in this blog is tell you a bit about me, what interests me and what is going on in my life, whether it is work – related, my ever hectic social life, pieces of news, or links I come across. It won’t be a heavy handed page bringing up politics et al. I’m not a serious person so I guess that will be reflected in this page.
I’ve had a massive interest in blogging for a good while now but have grown weary of other websites (and I won’t mention names) so I decided to check out this site and see what happens in the next while. I may like it…..I may not…all depends on what kind of feedback I get.
Feel free to leave a message any time you like. I will check this out once or twice a day and will return your message straight away. Soo fingers crossed as I venture into the unknown!

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