Apres Match

The team behind “Apres Match” have become a bit of a cult here in Ireland. Ever since the European Championships in 1996, the guys have been adding their comedy stylings to everyone and anyone involved in the Irish media..not something you would see during a football match. Neither BBC nor UTV do this or from what I hear Sky Sports do not either.
I remember when Barry Murphy donned his fake wig way back in 1994, I knew he was on to something. A year later, Garry Cooke and Risteard Cooper come along and the set is complete. To this day they offer their “punditry” to the Irish public and unless you live in Ireland, the chances are you won’t get the joke!
I think that RTE have got their fingers on the pulses of every soccer fan..this is what they want to see and hear, it is the kind of banter that they would take part in down in the local pub…who is the better player or doesn’t Ronaldo look like a shaper! True!
They also have some views that fall outside football in general..they had views on the rejected Lisbon Treaty the week before last. They also had views on the ill fated Roy Keane incident back in 2002 in Saipan.
After 12 years of good work, 4 sold out tours around Ireland and some music released too..there is no sign of them retiring…oki dokey!

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