Weekend Blues

The weekend is here and it’s time to regroup after a hectic week ..but it’s very hard to catch up with things when you are so tired. . Yesterday wasn’t special..a few people out and more training but the clock didn’t work in my favour.. I have a good few things to do for Monday..

I woke up this morning at 12ish and put on the radio..the first thing I hear is a sleep consultant talking about what level of sleep is acceptable and how to sleep better. Immediately she says that waking up at 12 on a week end is bad for the body!! What is new! and basically tells me that everything I’ve been doing the last few yrs (sleep-wise) is totally wrong! I felt compelled to listen on but switched the radio off and made some coffee for myself….mmmmmm coffee!! (a la Homer Simpson!)

Anyway, it is half three now and have no plans made for the rest of the day..maybe I will go for a long walk..only if the rain shifts..or call over to some friends…again only if the rain shifts! Damn the weather!! This is June, right?

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