The Week So Far..

Well we are halfway through the week and counting down the days to yet another weekend. The last few days have been busy but it is not as bad as this time last year. We had good times then. Plenty of good people around me but all but two have fled the roost! Does the words High Turnover mean anything you?
I was working on Saturday at the triple header at Croke Park. The main match being Laois v Wexford..a great win for Wexford and possible opponents of Dublin in the final in July. I’m really happy to see some of smaller counties making a name for themselves. Meath (the old greyhorse) fell at the first hurdle so it is all for the taking for Dublin next week.

 Mossie Quinn Dublin

Only one match left though, Dublin v Westmeath next Saturday. Morre of that later.

I also had a chance to sit down and watch some of the quarter finals of Euro 2008. It is exciting stuff at the moment…really happy that Spain are through to the Semis..however kind of deflated that Holland is not in the last four! We shall see what happens in the next few days..My bet is on Germany!

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