Lost in Music AND L plated drivers!

It’s been a funny week so far.

It is Wednesday and you can really feel the nights getting shorter. Once a working day is over, I have three hours or so to be in working order for the next day..a bit like a car getting a going over by a mechanic. I’m having great difficulty in getting up every morning, so much so that I was late for work today,,ah damn the snooze button!! I must buy myself a big ben or something or better still a pair of cymbals 🙂

Once i get into work it is a case of buying my obligatory coffee and sausage roll..something to wake me up a second time..and it is heads down for the rest of the day. But what has kept me sane is my ipod..it is like my little companion, I would be lost without it..and financially worse off too!

Walking to work on Tuesday was good fun, not only was it sunny but it was the first day the new laws on L plated drivers came into force. They are not really new laws but laws that have never been enforced since the 60s. So from now on, anyone on a provisional license in a car without a qualified driver will be fined. There were a lot less cars on the roads as a result..I agree with the above totally but will it be enforced is another story.

Well I’m off to get some sleep now but I will write soon.


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