Heroes and Villains

Well, Ireland and the UK watched the last episode of Season Two of Heroes. “Powerless” was probably the best of a weak season, in my opinion. This was mainly due to a writers strike in America which crippled the majority of shows, like 24, Bones and House. With the writers strike over as I write, and Season Three due for airing, I am anticipating a return to form.
The last episode left me a lot of questions and with so many things happening, I am not sure how Season Three with start. Will Nathan be cut out after being shot? Will Niki survive the explosion? or will Adam manage to get out of that shallow grave considering he cannot die. I’m hoping all three will be answered with Yes. There are many rumours too with new characters, new powers and new possibilities. We will have to wait until September when the show starts up in BBC2 and on Channel 6 in Ireland.

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