Redecorating a mess

It’s been over 6 months since the brother moved out of home and rather than follow him, I have decided to jump in head first into his room. The thing is, that there is good bit of work paint job, floorboards, bed and tv..all of which will set me back a few euros. Anyway, I god started on the job in hand a few days ago. With water, scraper a bad elbow and a very loud ipod in the backgroud, I managed to get the wallpaper off. Very easily might I add.
True to form, I am on the right road. Next on the calendar is the purchase of paint and fingers crossed I have that done by the end of the month..yes as you can tell I am a complete stranger to hard work!! I have a week holidays from work soon so I plan to have it finished by then..fingers crossed!!
Many times I have thought it would cheaper to rent than to do up a bedroom..Any thoughts on that one?

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