The Forbidden Kingdom

I went to the cinema on Saturday night and saw “The Forbidden Kingdom”. I went to see this on as 1) Wall-E has sold out and 2) Jackie Chan and Jet Li star in a film together, something I’ve been looking forward to see for a while. I rate Jet Li as an actor and he knows his kung fu alright!

The first half hour looked promising. We are introduced to Jason, a young American with a unhealthy obsession with Bruce Lee and Monkey Magic. After a quick visit to a Chinese pawn shop, Jason sees a golden staff. This scene reminds me of Gremlins to be honest. This staff belonged to a fictional character somewhere in China and at a time that I’m not sure of.  We are also introduced to Jackie Chan as a drunk nomad, Jet Li is a monk on the seatch for the staff.

The film was good entertainment alright, good to watch, good fight scenes, a lot of humour, but the plot was a bit let down. Imagine Lord of the Rings set in China..and this is what you get. I’ll probably watch it again on dvd but it is not memorable.

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