Only Dublin can lose the All-Ireland!

Dublin v Wexford

Dublin v Wexford

Really felt compelled to post something about the match last Sunday..Dublin v Wexford. Mainly as I was working at the game and there was close enough to a full house at the game..75,000. It was David v Golliath (sp) match with the Wexford contingent hoping to secure their first Leinster final win since 1956. I’m no fan to be honest but I love the atmosphere there, and when Dublin (the home county) play there, it is an amazing feeling. No less last Sunday as the crowd filed into the stadium for the 4pm throw in. A win would secure the 4th Leinster final for Dublin, but defeat would be very hard to take. In the end, Dublin beat Wexford by a healthy margin of 25 points.. Hill 16 was the place to be that day!

If you were to go to YouTube now, you can see many clips of how great this Dublin team are. This is accompanied by commentators getting behind the team believing they can win the Sam Maguire this year. Meath are out, Kildare are out, Kerry are nearly out, so why not Dublin? I am a doubting Thomas though..I am not sure the guys can rise above the moment and win the trophy. Only Dublin can lose the All Ireland.

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