Time to catch up!

Well I’m in work at the moment and it’s pretty quiet so I thought I’d write a bit as I haven’t done for the last few days. Mainly because I have slept for the last few days! Since I wrote last I have watched two episodes of Heroes, 9 and 10. It’s getting interesting. After Arthur Petrelli is brought into the mix, various characters struggle with their minds if they want to turn to Pinehearst or Primatech. Knox, Flint, Elle, Tracy and Sylar all turn to the side of Arthur while Matt, Claire, Peter, Daphne and Hiro are caught up with personal issues! Episode 10 is the most up to date one and it starts off with an eclipse. This echoes season one when the eclipse gave them all their abilities. Now in this one, they lose all their abilities! I have to admit there are a few people who are not happy with them losing and regaining their abilities but it’s still looking good! Episode 11 on Monday!
I’ve been really getting hooked on Twitter. I have “followed” a few people from Ireland and I like it so far. However, I had a Twitter account a year ago and deleted it after getting disillusioned by the whole thing..it’s not easy to ask your friends to join. It tends to crash a good bit too so lets see what happens in the next few weeks.
Finally, the Movember lark is over and the tash has been taken off with great sadness! I was thinking of keeping it on for December but maybe in the new year I will grow one again for a few weeks. I enjoyed the month and most importantly, we raised over 700euro for cancer research..it’s all good!
Sunday afternoons are free for myself until February so I can get on and do what I normally do…basically nothing :)! I really enjoy doing it but one day a week for 10 weeks just gets to me. Too much hassle and it takes a good chunk from the weekend.
I’m watching Chris Rock on tv now so will sign off for the evening!!

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