Tuesday blues


It is half 9 at night and the day is just over. I haven’t really much to say but needed to get a few things off my mind before the night is out. Firstly, I have an exam the end of January (in Irish insurance law) and am increasingly worried about it. Two weeks ago I signed up for it, received my book and have left it idle since. Even if I cram, I’m not sure if I can pass. Sure I can only do my best, eh? I also had great intentions to change the theme of this page but as you can see I have left it the same as there are not great options really. And I don’t want to mess with CSS either, I’m not really that ofay of plugins etc! I might do something with it after further reading. I have some writing I would like to type up too. I just need to find the pieces of paper. See how organised I am πŸ™‚

I have a few quid raised for Saturday so it is very difficult to back out now..and I have been told that a few guys from work will be there to see if I finish it! I’ll give it a good shot lads! I have Heroes episode 11 downloaded but will watch it tomorrow night when I am more awake. The eyes are starting to get heavy.Β 

Anyway, before I go, I want to put up a pic of last night’s show in the sky! Jupiter, Venus and the moon were in full view in Dublin. I’m not a astronomy buff but it was good to watch!


The Moon, Jupiter and Venus as seen in Dublin

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus as seen in Dublin

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