Not really much happened today. Work was very quiet as usual and am finding it increasingly difficult to keep myself busy 🙂 My trip to work is becoming more and more enjoyable the last few weeks. Ipod in hand, I walk 15 mins to local train station. I have recently “found” the musical delights of Bon Iver, Fleet foxes and the radio dept. Now I would consider any of the above a great find but the fact that I heard about them all in one is alot to take on board 🙂 Finding it hard to really digest it all! 

I work a rudimentary 8 hours and arrive home roughly at 6pm and enjoy a feet-up-and-chill evening! There is always something on tv to keep me entertaining and to keep my brain switched off for as long as possible 🙂 I’m currently writing this with some Chemical Brothers on in the background and a cup of tea to my side. I have a night of the Panel later so I’m looking forward to this!

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