So today I ran a 10k

and it was a great day…
I turned up at 9.30 with already a good crowd around. Some guy in the background mentioned there were 2400 runners so I was surprised with that amount. Here I am dressed up in tracksuit bottoms and a dodgy hoody-top and join the crowd who look professional enough, going through their warm up routines and stretches. I felt so out of place. I don’t usually run, in fact, I NEVER run!! Walking is more my thing.  

The starting whistle is blown and I’m waiting for a reaction. The crowd start to I run or do I walk?? I ran!! That was a big no-no for me before I started. By the time I hit the 1k mark my shins were in bad shape, so I relaxed and walked the rest. The crowd started to spread, there were guys who were doing this for years who were in mood to hang about. There were ladies with prams who only turned out to see the surroundings of the Phoenix Park. I’m afraid I didn’t fit into any of camps! 

To cut to the short anyway, I finished it off in an hour and 20 mins which is far quicker than I expected. I’m happy with the day and fact that I have raised some funds for Aware. And I even got a medal 🙂 that’s one for the lads in work!

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