Halfset – Another way of being there

I have been in town today and thought I’d pop into HMV as I usually do. I raid the CD section everytime. Anyway, I bought a cd by a band from Dublin called Halfset. Am going to listen to it now and post a review later on..

Halfset - Another way of being there
Halfset - Another way of being there

Hi, here I am again three days from the original post above. I have listened to the album aplenty and I have to say, I really like it, alot.

I bought it after hearing great reviews online after its’ release back in October, so I had a feeling what tracks to keep an ear out for. I have also kept an eye out for Jeff Martin and any music he has written.
The album kicks off with “At this moment” and from there on in, it gets better and better. Some of the tracks remind me of Mogwai or Sigur Ros (certain tracks from Takk) and they all take you on this instrumental journey. I have been listening to this mostly at nights and plan to listen to it alot more. I really like “Salmon” and “Work”. Electronic, instrumental, laid back, enigmatic, call it what you will, you won’t find a better listen from an Irish band this year. Since I listened to this, I’ve been thinking of an album from an Irish band that compares to it…the nearest I could find was Mono band, a side project by Noel Hogan of Cranberries fame. A day after I purchased this, it was voted best Irish album of 2008 in the Irish Independent so there’s good enough reason to buy it šŸ™‚

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