Today’s news

  • So the Lisbon Treaty will be given another chance and be put to the Irish people again. Concessions were provided to Brian Cowen et al so now with these in place, it is inevitable it will be passed. There was a very small chance that little ol’ Ireland could change the wording of such an important treaty (in Europe’s eyes). Would have been nice if the treaty was put to the rest of the European populous.
  • After the tragic murder of Aidan O Kane in the East Wall area of North Dublin, a second man has been charged. Earlier today, the gun used was located close to the scene.
  • Very bad reading but Ireland’s broadband usage is the lowest in Europe. 43% of households have broadband but this figure is increasing.
  • Does Zimbabwe’s president have any sense? Does he really think the people in the African country will believe that the cholera epidemic was caused by Britain. It would take one sick evil person to do something of that scale!

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