The Small Hours and Tonight Fm

I have been a listener of Donal Dineen for a while now, right back to the No Disco days on RTE. It’s a pleasure listening to the music he plays. He introduced me to the sounds of David Gray and Sigur Ros so I try and tune in to be introduced to more treats. The downside to this is his show “The Small Hours” is aired at midnight to 2am which is a tough task for any listener or any show.  The only real means of hearing his set is going to the website and re-listen to the show..fair enough…not a tall order….sure BBC and RTE do it, don’t they? Correctomundo!

Today fm have recently updated their website and I really like it. It looks very up to date compared to the previous blue mess! On this website, you could look at Donal Dineen’s previous playlists which was fine and well and you could listen to the shows after wards (even if there was no obvious link to this). Once the new website went live, the audio archives were somehow deleted and this caused quite a stirr. A listener left the below comment on the website:

Since slot-jacking of ‘Here Comes the Night’ to the anti-social hours, many of us whose ears got opened by Donal Dineen in the late 90’s, have missed out on unending months, nay, years of fresh sounds. Then there was – briefly – an archived section where we could
rightfully reclaim what was formerly ours. And now it has disappeared. Not good news for Today FM’s single most devoted audience. Looks like website has been migrated to ASP.NET, so perhaps everything isn’t in place just yet, but… Will someone PLEASE clarify
this situation? Will the Small Hours audio archive make a return in the near future, or are we once again to suffer?

Donal’s Blog > Tonights Playlist .

However I do have to commend the station for making these archives available to stream. It’s just a pity the show can’t be moved to an earlier slot or is this too much to ask for?

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