Happy New Year!

So 2009 is here! I had intended to wish in the New Year at the Damien Dempsey gig in Vicar Street but decided against it, mainly due to pretty much everyone hiking their prices up for the night. So I stayed in with the family, watched a selection of shows on RTE, TV3 and BBC and argued over the highlights and lowlights of 2008!
RTE1 started off taking a humourous look at the year which left my family baffled. I’m not sure they “got” it! Ryan Tubridy took hold of the evening from 11pm onwards leaving part of the family breathless at his every word! But in all honesty, he is a complete t*t and really should not be allowed on tv 🙂 BBC2 held probably the best and most enjoyable New years show, just a pity I missed it. From previous years, Jools Holland Hootananny is just spot on and am always “chooning” in when I sit in for the New Year.
I did not decide to make any resolutions this year, mainly because I have rarely kept them in the past. I have, however, set two goals for myself..1) do a long run every weekend and 2) ease back a bit more with spending and really give an extra push in finding a new home!
Bring it on!


  1. Good job you missed Jools it was complete s..t.! this year. If it had not been for Ting Ting, Duffy and Adele I would have demanded repayment of my licence fee.


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