Yikes…where has the time gone!?!

Ok, I’ve a serious apology to make, not only to this blog but to all readers. I keep meaning to update this every so often but rarely have the time or the patience to do so. Even on weekends. It is a pity because I used to have great enjoyment writing posts when I started. It was a good idea to start off with but I’m not so sure. I’m not so good with commitment 🙂
I have been paying most of my attention to work, study and when I can to last.fm. I can’t believe its over a month since I wrote my last post!! Since then I have enjoyed St Patricks Day, I have watched Ireland overcome Wales to win the Grand Slam and have also taken up an interest in classical music! For no apparent reason may I add.
Ok, so the plan is that I will keep this blog open, write on it whenever I can and try not to age too much. Don’t forget to follow me @clearskies if you wish! Talk soon.

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