Typing while I think!

I just thought I’d pop my head in and let you know what’s happening here in Dublin. I’m currently on a break from work until Tuesday, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Ordinarily I would travel to the country, places like Wexford, Cork or Galway, but I have an exam upcoming so I need to work on that. My usual un-organised self..leaving everything until the last moment..drastic stuff! 🙂
It is Good Friday today and while some people believe that this is a Happy day, I was brought up to believe that this is a solemn, quiet and mournful day….like someone had died, I guess! While that was the case, times have changed since then, people get on with their lives and the Easter season is not as much on our minds as years gone by. I have to admit I love devouring choco eggs, which have nothing to do with Easter 🙂 I am back to work on Tuesday, after a Bank Holiday on Monday. No rest for me though. I have a few hours to read over “The Law of Tort” for insurance purposes. Boring!
Moving on, I am a Man Utd fan for more than 20 years and while I am so used to them winning, it is very hard to take watching them play bad, or lose convincingly, like they have in the last month. I still believe we can win the Premier League but this season is not for fans with dodgy hearts. As far as I’m concerned, and there may be United fans who disagree with me, but I don’t believe we can win the Champions League. Barcelona have that sown up and while it would be great to win or even take part in the final, our performance against Porto surely made Barcelona fans snigger!
Right! I better log off and get some study done. The next few weeks will be busy for me. I will be twittering during that time and I hope to post again very soon.

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