Tiiiiiime….is on my mind!…yes it is!

Well I never thought I would leave this poor blog unattended for so long. Everytime I go online, I think..”Ok, I should write something!”, only to be distracted by a random tweet, or even a balloon flying high over Colorado. And there are plenty of other things that have put me off writing (Work, Study, Exams, Being too tired). That aside, would you want to venture into an old house with cobwebs in it? Or would you say to yourself..”Hmm there is potential!” I’m leaning towards the latter at the moment. I’d rather not delete the blog as I know down the line I would set another one up like I have done in the past. But I think I should keep this active, leave it on view, and anytime a random thought comes into my mind, I’ll write it down here.

So what have I being doing lately? Well I am just back from a trip to Leeds which I enjoyed..even if it was for the one day. I have just recently set myself up with a digital box with UPC. Great to watch and it is so handy, but service is pants when something goes wrong! I have finished up programme selling for the year….until the France play off that is! It should be a sell out but I RARELY like working at soccer matches! Roll on the GAA season, that’s what I say. Anyway, thats really it..not much more going on. I’ll write again soon…..but I wouldn’t put too much money on it!

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