I thought I’d let that out firstly as I have some time off from work. I’ve been waiting for a while for this but I wouldn’t call this my Christmas holiday. I have 4 more days left, Saturday, and Monday to Wednesday. I haven’t done alot since Saturday to be honest, however, I need to get my ass in gear. You see, I am not into the whole Christmas lark and with the rest of the male population of Ireland, I don’t intend to do much! It doesn’t do anything for me. Scrooge, maybe? I’ll let you decide. I have no problem buying a present or two for those who matter, family, close friends, and some work colleagues. For others, a simple “Happy Christmas” will do..but some people consider that as more important that receiving a gift that will be opened, looked at and left to one side for the rest of the year.

Also, I sat my GEN 3B exam (yet again!) on Saturday. I was relatively happy with it however after sitting it 3 times, I’ll be glad to see the back end of it. Damn you Financial Regulator and your poxy minimum requirements. Now that you are no longer in existence, do these exams go with you? Hmm. So the results are out just after the new year, we shall wait and see.

In recent weeks, I have been an active visitor to Irish Weather Oneline ( and regularly visit its’ chatboard ( for live updates. It has been accurate from the cold snap at the end of November, right through to the upcoming wintry weather due to hit Ireland next week (16th – 23rd December). You can follow the guys on twitter @iweatheronline for more updates.


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