Moving forwards or backwards?

Hello all, I hope you are having a good weekend, like I am. I don’t plan to write much but after writing last night’s post, it got me thinking of something else…education.

In 2002, I graduated in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). I studied Business & Finance for 4 years and eventually obtained a degree. I was delighted as it took me forever to finish the course, I even had to repeat a year. From what I remember, I studied Economics, Accounting, Marketing, MIS, and some law. At the time, I just wanted to finish the degree and the interest in the course had long vanished.

Fast forward 4 years..I started out in a new job in travel insurance sales, and the degree I had was little use to what I would be doing on a daily basis. On the first day, I was told that I must complete 6 exams as required by the Financial Regulator (read more about it here). As you may know, I passed the final exam in December ’10.

All well and good. Now, I have the option of going forward and grabbing a few more qualifications and I’m seriously thinking about it. Who knows where it may bring me a year or so down the line. But you have to see what the syllabus is. It is pretty much the same as the degree from way back in 2002, a degree that means nothing to me now. Economics, Marketing, Accounting, and more here.


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