Not Successful…

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment.
Let me explain why.
At the start of 2011, I received a CIP (Certified Insurance Practitioner) qualification which I had been working on since 2008. Six exams that contain material that is lost on me now. It means nothing but I needed it to continue doing what I am doing today. Without it, I need to be supervised (see I was delighted with it as I felt that was more reading and no more stress.
Fast forward to January 2012. I learnt about the QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor - exams and how they can further your career. Employers look for people with this qualification and being stuck in a dead end job, it can only help springboard me.
So I signed up, I received the first exam course manual, the first of six may I add. Life Assurance. I read it, tried to understand it and dived head first into the exam in March 2012. The confidence was low and leaving the hall, my expectations were not high. After receiving my results, and seeing the “Not Successful” words, I said “feck it” and decided there and then to pack it in and forget about it.
I then went on my trip to Spain in June and had time to think about the important things in life. I got home and signed up again. The next sitting was September, last month. So I read over notes I had kept from March. I dived head first again and some nights I stayed up until the early morning drinking coffee before getting up at 6 for work. I better pass this, I kept saying to myself!
Exam day, confidence high, expectations high, I left the hall thinking about the next exam “Loans” and what lied ahead.
Fast forward to October 5th, two days ago.


I missed out by 7 marks. There were no words. Things like these make you lose faith in furthering careers. If I am being overly dramatic, I apologise but it is very hard to remain interested in a chosen subject if I get knocked down.
I will repeat in January. Here’s to better luck.

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