Where would I be without music..?

I always ask myself where would I be without music in my life. Could I go about my day and not have the radio on, or fire up iTunes and play it at full volume? Or even walk down a busy street singing with glaring looks. It certainly would make things a little bleak if I didn’t have it.  I look back over 25 or so years since I picked up a radio and try to make sense of all the bad tastes I used to have. (Wet Wet Wet were a favourite at one stage folks!) And if you told me even ten years ago what I would be listening to today, I would have laughed at my future self.

But I’ve always had a liking for this song below. Neil Finn has been around a very long time in various bands and formations. Four Seasons In One Day will always be high up on the iTunes DJ playlist. While it is written about the city of Melbourne, I used consider it about my various moods changes from back in the 90s..(insert groan!)

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