I have 40 days left and every single day that goes by, I think about May 25th. It’s almost becoming a bit distracting! I have drawn up a packing list  ( which is more or less the same as last year. A few changes however…I don’t plan on bringing as much gadgetry as last time, my iPhone will do. I don’t need a camera if I have the phone. I reckon I will get by without a guide book or reading material. I’ve thought more about getting blisters and aches and pains so I’ve added in a few things more if and when my feet turn into a war zone. Apart from that, there are no major changes.

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  1. Hi, David! Thanks for liking my blog. You’re an experienced pilgrim so you have a much better grip on this than I do. but i wouldn’t trade the excitement/anxiety for the world! I thought if I bring my iPad I might be able to blog and read any downloaded books on the way, although I’m concerned about the extra weight with the charger, and what if I lose it or it gets stolen, etc. Any thoughts?


    1. Hi Kathy
      Thanks for visiting 🙂
      Even though I have walked parts of the Camino on two occasions, I wouldn’t be considered experienced 🙂 I have so much to learn and I’m trying to do things differently this time.
      Anyway that’s the plan 🙂
      About your iPad. The same thought came into my mind a few weeks back. I have decided to leave my iPad at home mainly for weight reasons. I have an iPhone and the great thing about that is I can blog, text, read, use maps and take photos. But it is entirely up to the individual I feel. Hope this helps!


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