It’s the little things..

I have three days left before I leave for Spain..Tres dias!! How time flies. I remember getting home last year and deciding I wanted to go back while treating what was left of my feet. I promised to do things this differently, but hey! I’m not one for changing..or maybe it is, I try but fail to change.. Anyway, where was I? Yes..It’s fair to say that I am prettty unorganised this time round. Hopefully I will have everything sorted shortly but as I type, everything I plan on bringing is laying on the floor in a heap waiting to be put in a tiny pack. That’s not a big deal I hear you all shouting..but you haven’t seen the mess.

I did have a small shin splints problem on Monday morning. After a short 2km walk to work, my shin on my left leg started to ache and I thought that this can’t be for real! A few quick exercises and they went away. So I am kind of concerned it doesn’t flare up again while on the trail. Time will tell.

I have also been following the weather on a daily basis. I found a great site and it gives 7 day forecasts for each region. Impressed by it, but there is not much sun predicted. Mostly overcast with a chance of rain. Overcast I am fine with, but I have yet to experience rain on the Camino. I have prepared for it, so it may as well happen.

I would hope that I live for the moment on this trip, the “here and now”, and not worry about the next day or how full an albergue is going to be. Last time, I got caught up in things well out of my control and didn’t think about what I was doing at the time. I am also a competitive walker at home, I compete with myself! If I watch someone overtake me, it doesn’t go down well. I just need to pick up the speed and this can only lead to damage on the feet. I did it last time, I’m not going to do it again.

I don’t think this will be my final post before I go.

If it is, I can be found at my backpack trying to fit everything in!

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