Camino 2013 – Day 8 – Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de los Condes

While the Albergue in Boadilla is renowned to be one of the best of the Camino, I didn’t have a particularly good night there. I, along with 3 others had a dose of food poisoning. It was just a minor setback however as I felt fine for the remainder of the trip. I also picked up an ‘Irishman’s tan’ , two burnt legs due to not wearing the correct sun cream. It hurt walking at times.
We left Boadilla at 6.30am after we availed of their breakfast which was filling. There was a good crowd that I knew at this Albergue and most headed out at the same time.
I spent the morning with Anya and walked along the the Canal de Castilla. This canal along with many was built on the turn of the century however they were put beyond use with the introduction of trains. These canals are there for fishing and for walking along. At 7am, there were many people fishing for shrimp and crab. They were pretty successful judging by their buckets.
We walk quickly through Fromista before I see Michel and Franco behind me. I decide to walk with them for a while and I end up doing so for the day. We pass through little towns dotted in the countryside but the majority of this day was walking by a main road. It was kind of ugly to say the least and it was a day I did not enjoy. We pass Villalcazar de Sirga and we watched a race from the camino. For a town of 200 people, there was a great crowd topped off with a man at an announce table with a microphone. There was not much silence today.
With Franco and Michel a good kilometre ahead of me at this stage, I decide to take it show and hope some of the girls catch up. There is 6km left to the next town and it is hardly 11am.
It is close to 12am when I reach Carrion de Los Condes, a modest sized town but with one large church and a monastery. We arrived on the feast day of Corpus Christi and there were celebrations in the main square. The streets were covered in grass, flowers and leaves. Large tapestries were made from these while people walked around them. I had no idea where Franco and Michel were at this stage so I looked around before I checked the celebrations out. Eventually I see Franco waving at me to join the queue in to Santa Maria Parochial Albergue. I was ready for sleep now, weary and burnt.
The remainder of the guys checked into another Albergue and came over to ours for dinner later on that night.
I later discovered that the people of the town would walk over the decorations and march to the main square for food and drinks. Unfortunately my battery on my phone was down so I have no photos but it shows how serious Spanish people take their feast days.
Next day is to a town called Terradillos de Los Templarios and another long walk in the sun.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the food poisoning. The food here is often served reheated, so food poisoning is a concern. Great blog!


  2. Thanks for the visit Lisa. I hope you are enjoying your Camino. I am little over a day home in Ireland and eager to go back. The albergue I was at is easily the best on the camino but there were a number of people who were not well during the night. I still took in the scenery though and would still advise people to stay there.


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