Camino 2013 – Day 10 – Terradillos de Templarios to Bercanios de Real Camino

We decided the evening before to leave before 6am and we did just that.
A quick breakfast and some milk was enough to get us ready. Michel left first while I was still gathering my things. Myself and Femke left shortly after, while the sun was rising. I was pretty tired at this stage and it took a whole hour for my limbs to wake up.
It wasn’t long before I met Michel and walked through Moratinos, a small hamlet isolated in the meseta. It was still asleep as we passed through it and I was amazed by a Hobbit-Like house being built. I guess it wasn’t more than 8am at this stage. We talked about the strange Australian man who we met the previous night. He had run into us in the past and was hoping to be part of the group. Not to be.
We pass more towns without stopping and we hear Franco and his cart running behind us. Now that was quick. I don’t know how he does it.
Getting to Sahagun takes forever but for a town with a population of over 10,000, it looked sparse and sleepy. We passed through it in 10 minutes, before taking pictures of the town church ruins and statutes. They litter the camino but they are so old.

We walk in pairs for a while as the path turns from a gravel path into a senda at the side of the road. There is a whole 10km of this before we reach Bercanios de Real Camino at around midday. The municipal Albergue didn’t open until 1.30 so the four of us had an hour and half to kill before we got to our beds. A perfect time to wash and dry clothes!
The Albergue in Bercianos is one you should try to go to. It is a run by a religious order, and is donativo. A lot of people over see it to walk to El Burgo Ranero but it is a gem.
Tomorrow is a long day and is my penultimate day. We are making it long so we have a lot of time in Leon on Thursday.

I’m having a lot of difficulty in finding wifi and all the places I stay don’t have it. So my posts will be a little scattered. When I find wifi I will fill in the gaps.

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