Homeward Bound…

Well it is over a day since I said goodbye to my Camino buddies and while they have reached Hospital de Orbigo, I have left the city of Leon and have arrived in Bilbao. The trip up was long but when we reached Burgos, the scenery changed.
We climbed through hills, almost touching the clouds, almost the opposite to what I had experienced in the previous 2 weeks.
From Leon to Burgos, the bus followed most of the Camino de Santiago path passing through towns such as Mansilla de las Mulas, Carrion de Los Condes, Sahagun and eventually Burgos. I could see many pilgrims wandering around in the evening sun and sitting in bars lapping up vino. I thought ‘lucky sods’!
After Carrion, I got chatting to a German girl called Julie. She had just finished a 5 day stretch and was on her way home. She has been on many more Caminos than me and followed different routes but believes the French Way is by far the best. She just went on a whim for the few days.
I arrived into Bilbao just before 10pm and settled in for the night at Hotel Arriaga. It is a good 15 minutes drive from the bus station. The taxi driver knew no English but I got by with the Spanish I knew.
Now it is just after 8am (European Time) and my flight is at 4pm. I need to leave this room at 12 so I better get up and out. I am located just beside the Arriaga Theatre in the North of Bilbao just beside the train station.
The streets are very busy so there is no chance of me going back to sleep. I must be shaking from the Camino routine as I slept right through to 7am where as I have been used to 5am starts.
Next stop is Dublin.

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