May is just a few months away..

Just a quick update on my plans for next year.

I would like to go back to Spain and walk the 800 km from St Jean to Santiago. Over the last 3 years, I have walked the majority of the Camino Frances in sections and I have completed Logrono to Santiago. The only part I have not walked is from St Jean to Logrono which is more or less 7 days of walking. I can’t see myself going back to do the 7 days only…I want to stay much longer.

So that brings me back to the start of the post. I have 25 days leave approved for 2014. Any leave you request over 14 days needs to be approved which is understandable. So, including weekends, I will have 33 days to work with in Spain.

Of course, this whole return depends on a lot of other things, for example, my mortgage which will be thrown on me once I find the right house / apartment.


But..I have one tick on the diary in my head. What happens next is anyone’s guess? I will always regret not doing this last year. It took me two years and 500 km to convince myself that this is the only right way for me to walk the Camino and not in stages.  I’ve had far too many excuses – fitness, time, etc.

Even then, I can’t see the bug being shaken off me.

More updates to come.

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