An interesting way to take in Spanish

I’ve been looking for ways how to improve on my Spanish language. It’s nearly a year since I started taking the language seriously and going to classes. There are may tips and tricks on how to improve including this and this.

However, this guy has taken learning a language to a new level. He moved to Germany for a year without a word of German and came home fluent. Have a look at this short clip.

More information can be found at

I’d love to do the same to aid my Spanish.

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  1. Do it if you can! I moved to Peru 3 years ago without knowing any spanish, after 1 year of living there and teaching English as a second language I gained a HUGE vocabulary in Spanish. When I returned to the states, I continued talking to the friends online. While my spanish still isn’t perfect (It would have been better for me to stay 2 years) I am still able to speak alot of spanish. Next week, I will be traveling back to Peru and have a places where I will be speaking! I could have never learned so much from just looking at a book.


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