Ups and downs..

Hi all. A few things have happened since my last post. Not only have I become accustomed to the move, but I also have paid my deposit. No going back now. I have decided to do the Spanish evening course also. That will be on Monday nights. Apparently the course is entirely in Spanish and I am a bit rusty. Actually I haven’t spoke a word to anyone apart from using it in Spain. And that was hastily put together. So I wonder how these 10 weeks will go.

And finally and most importantly, my Camino plans have changed from being concrete in nature to being wet and soggy. I’m not sure if I will go back next year at all. If I do, it will be in September or October. This has been a kick in the teeth as it is all I have been talking about since I got back. Ask my family. 

Anyway, life goes on. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Ups and downs..

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  1. David,
    As we both know, the Camino will clear all the necessary paths when it is the right time for you to walk the Way.
    Buying a home – how fantastic! Best of everything for this new beginning 🙂
    Ultreia y Buen Camino!


  2. Arlene
    Many thanks for your good wishes. Hopefully the move will go smoothly 🙂
    I had my heart set on returning to walking the full Camino next year..not to worry.
    The Camino will always be there and I will always be there.
    Enjoy your time in Spain



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