Maps and Legends…

It’s a little over 4 months before I throw on my backpack and head off to the south of France. I am returning to finish off my Camino that I started 3 years ago. I am off for 14 days, and hope to walk 11 of those days. If I get to Belorado or Atapuerca, that would be great. When I finish, I hope to get a bus to Burgos, a train to Bilbao and I will fly home to Dublin then. It’s a little trickier in practice though.

In the meantime, I have been fiddling around with Google Maps and creating bookmarks of different sites and things to do while in Spain. I have two maps created, one for Pamplona and another for Bilbao. I am working on another one for the whole Camino de Santiago which is taking a little more time. I will post it when I have it finished.

I hope to have a full day in Bilbao to visit the city. Last June, I was hit with a head cold plus the weather was miserable. These things can’t be helped though.

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