Packing Lists..

Packing lists.

Everyone is writing one up these days. I never saw the need to do one, but below is a list of what I am bringing to Spain. I have a few more things to get, but most of what I have, has been used over the course of two years. I am pretty happy with what I have, so I haven’t felt the need to buy new items.

Camino de Santiago 2014 – 28th May 2014  
Zip off long trousers 1  
Zip off shorts 1  
Long sleeve shirt 1  
Short sleeve tech shirts 2  
Socks 1000 mile 3 pairs
Underwear 2 pairs
Hat 1  
Shoes – get them checked!! 1  
Sandals 1  
Backpack and rain cover 1  
Light sleeping bag and cover 1  
Water bottle – sigg (??) 1  
Light fleece 1  
Lightweight towel 1  
Lightweight rain jacket 1  
Rain poncho 1  
Buff 1  
Dry bags 3  
Credential 1  
Passport 1  
Flight tickets 2  
Prescription / tablets Yes  
Guide book – print pages for relevant stages 1  
Train ticket Burgos to Bilbao Need  
Phone 1  
Plug and charger 1  
Medical / blister kit / toiletries    
Washing liquid – all purpose 1  
Cotton buds Yes  
Clean wipes Need  
Suncream 1  
Bodyglide for feet 1  
Nuerofen Need  
Compeed Yes  
Gauze Yes  
Blister pack Need  
Deep heat Need  
Needle and thread Need  
Pocket tissues Need  
Usual toiletries Yes  
Bag for waist 1  
Debit Card 1  
Pegs and line or pins Need  
Pen knife with scissors 1  
Snacks Need  
Plastic bag x 2 2  
Zip lock bags 3  
Journal and Pen Need  

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