Happy St Patrick’s Day..

or as they say here “La Fheile Padraig sona diaobh!”.

Dublin was a sea of green today as we celebrate who we are. Over half a million people crowded Dublin’s streets to watch the annual parade, a staggering figure! Added to this, there are many smaller affairs organised around the country in rural villages and towns alike. Many countries around the world held parades also.

I chose to celebrate St Patricks Day in a different way. Rather than venturing to

Imagethe parade, I decided to take part in the annual Harbour 2 Harbour walk which is organised by my favourite charity, Aware. Aware is a fabulous charity supporting those with depression. The walk was 25km long (16 miles) and started in Dun Laoghaire harbour in the south of Dublin, right up to Howth harbour, which is in the north of Dublin. The walk is mostly on flatlands, but there is a slight rise into Howth that added variety to the day.

The weather was perfect and I had the company of my friend Laura, so I didn’t have to resort to talking to myself. I had a little difficulty with my back close to the end of the walk but that “may” be down to walking on concrete for the whole day. These long walks are just what I need before I venture off to Spain. I reckon close to 1500 people turned out and the sun made an appearance or two during the day.

You can find out more about aware by clicking here

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