So what have I been up to lately?

It is a week now since I took my first “pre-Camino” walk. Afterwards, I developed a pain at the back of my legs, my calves. It has long gone away but I’m left wondering if that was down to lack of practice or something else. I had planned to take a trip out to Howth Head, not far from me, but the cloud was pretty low of it’s cliffs and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. So I may do that tomorrow as I need to walk more. I am simply not prepared and I am afraid of tearing something half way up the Pyrenees. Anyway, I have a good 40 days to think about that.

As you know, I have 11 days of walking ahead of me, and would like to get to Belorado to catch a bus to Bilbao. That is 210km approx and in 11 days, that is beyond do-able. I’ve walked that in 9 days before. So if I find myself passing Belorado, and I have a day or two to spare, I might catch a bus to Burgos and get a bus to Bilbao from there.

When I was away last week, I shredded the bottoms of my trousers. They look pretty nasty. A new pair will cost €80 (yeah, I know!!) so I used my diy skills and turned them up! Da dah good as new!!

Work has calmed down a little bit over the last few weeks so I haven’t been working as late as before.

Oh..if you have an instagram account, make sure you search under the #caminodesantiago hashtag. There are many many people on the trail as we speak and they are posting bucketloads of photos. It’s great to see the places I have been or (in my case) see some places, I will be in a few weeks. One guy I am “following” is in O Cebreiro, another is in Burgos and another is in Lorca. I am on instagram myself and I will be posting some photos also. You can find me under the username of david.clearskies.

That’s all the news for the time being.

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