Pre-Camino trek #2…Clontarf, Howth and the Loop

This trip was hard and I wanted it to be. It was close to home also, so no cars needed. This area is actually the only stretch with a little bit to climb in the north side of Dublin. It is also a tourist haven so I wasn’t alone.

I hit the road just after midday. It was warm, say 16c, and the sun was out for the first time this month. We were due good weather this holiday weekend. I walked from the house to the coast road at Baldoyle, about 5km and then into Howth Village, another 5km. I had some water with me and boy! was it needed. I reached Howth and it’s harbour. It is right by the coast and home to tiny restaurants, shops, and pubs…except the pubs were not open being Good Friday. Being a harbour, there were many yachts in the bay. Hundreds of people walked the main road, while others lay on the grass talking in the sun. I was as far away from being on the Camino as you can be.

I passed many people from around the world talking in their respective languages. I was so tempted to speak a few words of Spanish with some folks I passed. It takes about ten minutes to walk the main promenade to where it starts to climb. Up..up..up and up. Road made way for sand, made way for rock. But the view from the summit of Howth Head is amazing. I feel bad for not walking this stretch before considering I live 10km down the road.

It is well sign-posted also. There are 4 different routes you can walk, from a very difficult cliff walk down to a very easy path. I choose the moderate path. I could have taken the more strenuous option but it was close to 25c out there. Some other day. After another 12km or so, I finished up at the place where I started. After a quick stop for some water, I took a train home. I’m looking forward to one or two more long distance walks before I go back at the end of May, Hopefully, one of them will be along the west coast the first week of May.



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