May becomes September…

Just thought I’d update you all on my plans for next week’s Camino.

I’m postponing it unfortunately. I’ve pushed it back until the start of September which takes me past the busy period in Spain. My toe, while getting better, is not 100% and I don’t want to leave anything to chance if I go. While I am disappointed, it leaves me with 3 months to dot the “i”‘s and cross the “t”s. Plus I can start planning my trip to the Camino Portuguese in May 15. Hopefully, I can bring one or two folks along with me then.

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  1. Hi David, just thought you’d like to know the latest stats re: the busy seasons for the Camino. I was shocked to hear from our albergue hosts and one even showed me the report they get re: May and September being the busiest months on the Camino. I know that there were days on the Camino in April where we did not see another soul, but once we got closer to May, fellow pilgrims were more than plentiful. Just FYI…hope your toe heals well…Buen Camino.

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    1. Hi Mark & Sandy, thanks for the good wishes. My toe will be fine, its just a pity it didn’t happen a little earlier 🙂 I agree with you on the figures. The Camino is getting busier in general. My trip from Logrono to Leon last May was perfect. Not too busy and not too quiet, and I hope September is the same. By the way, it looks like you had the time of your lives. I had great fun reading your posts. Thank you both!


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