Another late addition to the kit…

Another late addition to the kit...

I just hope I’m not too late buying these.
My current trail shoe (the amazing Columbia Peakfreak Enduro) won’t be joining me in September. The reason for this is the shoe is too tight and I need a little more width. They are the best pair of trail shoes I have bought in a while and will continue to wear them out but they aren’t suitable for walking more than 20k. My toes will thank me!
I ventured back to Great Outdoors (my favourite store in Dublin!) and got some great advice. This pair, Jack Wolfskin Mountain Attack shoe, felt great when I tested it in the store. I was told it is totally waterproof, breathable and there is plenty of room around the toes. The assistant owns a pair so that was enough for me.
Now I just need to break them in, and I hope three months is enough time. If not, I will go back to my previous pair and hope my toes are fine!

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  1. If they are the right shape and size for your foot, that is more than enough time. They don’t need to be “broken in” like old-style leather boots. I am struggling as well, seeking perfection in my boots. I found it for comfort but the sole is very flexible. I think I need a bit stiffer sole to protect my ageing joints over 800 km.


    1. Hi there, thanks for the visit 🙂
      I was quite happy with my current shoe but my recent accident has made me focus on my toes a little more. I would like to have a little more space. I have a pair of insoles also, which needed to work along with this shoe. Lots of people have encouraged me to buy boots, but trail shoes have worked for me on my previous Caminos. And I hope this shoe will make do for my camino in Portugal next year (if all works out ok!)


  2. I too have changed my footwear late in the day. The merrell sirens I wore last time were too tight around the toes. I’ve settled on sandals with toe protection. I’m sure all will be well.


    1. Hi there, I saw your post on the forum which led me to your post. What you write strikes a chord with me. I am returning in September to walk from St Jean for 11 days. Last year I walked from Logrono to Leon and I walked different sections 2 years prior to that. The shoe I wore last year was perfect, no blisters, but I don’t think they are right for the Pyrenees. I still use them though. So the above shoe are fine. You leave in a number of weeks, don’t you? That’s enough time to get plenty of practice walks before you go. All will be well. I see you have walked your Camino backwards :)..same here!


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