Distractions…can be brushed aside.

I keep meaning to finish writing about the final few days of my last Camino in September. But life gets in the way and it gets put on the long finger. I will finish it by tomorrow. I have some further news though. I met with two friends last weekend. They are also from Ireland and I met them originally somewhere between Azofra and Santo Domingo in 2013. It was raining heavily and my feet were covered in mud. I wasn’t getting very far so it was great to meet some Irish folk who were on the same level as me. Anyway, I have been in contact with them since then and have met them a number of times since I got back. Last weekend we met, drank Riojan wine and brought back memories. We are serial Caminoists and are making plans to return in May next. For me, I hope to start in Belorado towards the start of May. For my friends, they are a little undecided on where to start…or when to start! I, for one, won’t be returning in September. I found it too busy so I’m sticking to May going forward. I choose Belorado as I finished there and I promised the hospitalera I would return. It seems a part of me has been left there.

We also walked around Lough Gur in Limerick, which is an ancient settlement site..stone-age I think. There are a number of buildings with thatched roofs which harked me back to my trip up to O Cebreiro in 2012. The winter solstice approaches in December and there are plans for a big gathering on the grounds beside the settlement. If I lived closer, I would consider going.

Anyway, I better finish off what remains of my previous Camino before the memories fade 🙂

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