New Year…and some news for my next Camino

Well 2015 is only a few days old but I’m well into my preparation for my 2015 Camino Frances. On Monday last, I booked my flights to and from Spain for May 5th to May 19th, while today I bought a new backpack after a quick visit to the city centre.

I paid a visit to Great Outdoors again (great store!!) in Chatham Street in Dublin. I chose Lowe Alpine this time around after a few tips from the store staff. First impressions are positive but I need to take it out for some test walks in the coming months. The video below gives you a little information about it.

Just to remind you, I am starting from Belorado on May 6th and walking for just shy of two weeks. I hope to reach Ponferrada, which is around 320km. No Compostela for me this time but that doesn’t worry me one bit! I will then catch a bus to Santiago and fly home the next day. I have walked much of this section in 2013 and enjoyed it thoroughly. I met some great people also. I hope to stay in towns I passed last time. That’s the plan anyway. 🙂

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  1. Hello David,I’ll be following in your slipstream as I start from Belorado also but a little bit later on May 9th !

    My plan is to walk from Belorado to Astorga thus completing the Camino Frances (Astorga-Santiago-Finisterre-Muxia in Sept 2011 and St Jean pied de Port-Belorado in May 2013).
    Have all my flights/buses sorted just need to get the body back into ‘Camino’ shape after the over indulgence of the Christmas period !!!

    So it will be off to the Hill of Howth for the ‘bog of frogs’ walking route for some Camino training and to prepare the old knees.I’ll keep an eye out for you on my travels.

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  2. Hi Peadar..I am only home from Belorado 4 months and am already out of Camino shape 🙂 I need a few long walks to get me ready. I have one or two lined up towards the end of January but until then, I will pay Bray or Hill of Howth a visit. Keep an eye out for me.

    You will only be 2-3 days behind me on the Camino, I plan on leaving Belorado for Ages on the 6th May. You may see me out there, so let’s keep in touch 🙂
    I haven’t been able to book my buses just yet..are you booking through alsa or movelia?


    1. Hi Dave,

      I’ll be travelling with PLM but it seems you can only book your ticket approx 6-8 weeks in advance.

      I’ll be booking the 3pm (Madrid-Pamplona) bus which stops in Belorado at 6.30pm.The bus goes from the Central bus station in Avenida America.

      I’ll try and attach a file with the bus times.

      Hope you can open it !




      1. Hi Peader
        Ah you are flying to Madrid! I am flying to Bilbao this time. La Union Alvesa has a bus from Bilbao at 5pm which travels to Logrono. Belorado is a stop off point so I should get there by 7pm. I also have the option of getting an Alsa bus to Burgos and getting another bus to Belorado. A little too complicated I feel. Either way, I can only book 3 months in advance.


      2. Hi David,I travelled on the La Union Alvesa bus in May 2013 but in reverse (Belorado to Bilbao).The bus starts and stops in Belorado just outside the Hotel Jacobeo. which is only a short 3 minute walk to the Plaza Mayor. In 2013 I flew to Bilbao ,stayed one night ,then travelled by bus to Bayonne and train to St. Jean !! Planes ,trains and automobiles eh !! Good bus connection from Bilbao Airport to the central bus station,Termibus. Athletico Bilbao’s San Mames stadium is very close by so well worth a visit if you have any time on your hands.


      3. I got the Union Alvesa bus back to Bilbao airport on my way home in September. The bus stop in Belorado is right outside the Jacobeo Hotel door so I had a cafe while waiting for it to arrive. It’s a handy bus but it doesn’t go that frequently. I have just under an hour to catch it in Termibus in Bilboa. But if I miss it, I could get the Burgos bus which goes more frequently and start my Camino there. The feeder bus is a blessing, and leaves the airport every 10-15 minutes. I recommend you reserve a bunk in the Cuatro Cantones albergue in Belorado before you arrive. It is family run and they are great. I have stayed there twice before.


  3. Congrats on the new gear…that’s always exciting 🙂
    I hope the pack is lighter than my one! I used a 45L North Face one I already owned and it was great in almost every way. The only downside was that it weighed 1.5kg when empty and after a few hundred km, those kilos really had an impact. Next time I would try to use a much lighter pack if they exist

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  4. Beuno camino, I came across your blog as i am writing on my camino too. Just a warm reminder of the bedbugs at the albergue at Ponferrada. Have fun and good luck, mi peregrino amigo! 🙂

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    1. Hi there, you have a great blog! I love reading about people’s camino adventures. Thanks for the “heads-up” about the albergue in Ponferrada. I read the same from another person but thought it was a once off. As Ponferrada is my end point, I plan on staying in a private room. But bed bugs could happen at any point which is the scary thing. Buen Camino!!


  5. Thanks for your support. I am planning to get my blog published this year. But as English is not my native language, it may take me a while to get it done. I am not sure if there is a private at Ponferrada. But it will work out!


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