A random act of kindness…

This will be a quick post but one I felt I needed to make. I don’t know many people who have the same interest in the Camino de Santiago. I know a lot through the Camino forum who talk about it on a daily basis; I also have a number of friends on twitter who have walked it and of course I have my two good friends whom I met in 2013 between Azofra and Santo Domingo. We meet when we can and discuss the Camino over Spanish food and wine.

Until last year, I didn’t realise I have a family friend who is a Camino veteran. Whenever she paid a visit to the family house, we ended up talking about her plans or if she has any hints. She has walked the Camino Frances a number of times, and is currently walking the Le Puy route in France, in stages. The hope is there for her to walk from Austria to France in the near future and this really intrigues me. This is something I hope to do in the future. The Camino Frances is getting a little too crowded for my liking, but that is another story for another day!!

Anyway…before Christmas, she dropped over to the house and asked for a favour. A friend of hers is walking the Camino Frances and has no reading material. At that point I gave her my Brierley and Michelin guides leaving me with little to read up on for my forthcoming Camino. She thanked me and off she went.

Fast forward to last Friday..I return home from a busy day at the office and find the books in a package. Along with the books is a card and a €20 gift voucher for The Great Outdoors. This was totally unexpected and shows that generosity is alive and well. Her friend had a ball and the reading material helped. I was just glad to be of assistance.

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