Nearly time…

40 days left…. For those who have not walked the Camino de Santiago, these final 40 days should be spent scouring over packing lists, forums, blogs while taking every available opportunity to get out walking. For me, having had the joy of walking the Camino Frances a number of times before, that excitement is not as intense. However, It’s easy to put myself in some people’s shoes when I read blogs or posts on forums. I remember counting down the days eagerly. I remember making sure each and every item was checked to make sure I hadn’t forgotten something before I left. Back in 2011, I had little knowledge of the Camino as it was “a long walk for charity” in my mind. In 2012 and after a year of constant reading, my interest in the Camino and Spain in general grew. It has got to a point that at this stage, I have grown very fond of that part of Spain. I go back to the Camino Frances on May 5th, walking through parts that I have seen before. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. Will I do things differently? I hope so. I wanted to do things a little different last September but that didn’t happen as much. Will I come back again? Absolutely. The Camino has become part of me and as long as I’m physically able to walk it, I will come back. I only wish I had longer to walk but it is what it is. I am planning to meet some Camino friends before I leave in May for a few long walks and some glasses of vino. I can’t wait for that weekend. More updates to follow.

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