Camino 2015 – Day 2 – Atapuerca to Burgos

So day 1 turned into day 2 and the little sleep I had during the night was enough excuse to get up early and start walking. By 6am my room was awake and I was out on the road by 6.30am. One Italian man in my room could wake up Ireland with his snoring and I found it funny when a Russian lady shushed him around 4am thereby waking the rest of us in the room.
Leaving Atapuerca was dark and I had a climb ahead of me to get to the Matagrande. I got there before sun rise. What a sight! Onwards I went passing Villafria with no bar open for breakfast. I was keeping an eye open for other peregrinos but it seemed to be just me on the trail this morning.
I stopped in Cardenuela Riopico for breakfast to be joined by Lisa and a German man (sorry I’m bad with names). I moved on after half an hour and met another German girl called Dorothy studying her Rother guide. There are two trails into Burgos once you reach the Burgos airport and now we had arrived here she was curious which was better. One is along the road and is considered ugly and the other is beside the Pico river and is more attractive. I definitely thought so anyway. I advised her which was the best option and moved on. I think she followed me I couldn’t tell by my pace.
I catch up with Suzanne from Sweden who I had shared the room with in Atapuerca. We walked at the same speed so decided to stick together. She has walked the Camino twice before and would have a little more knowledge than me.
The walk into Burgos is something else and would encourage you all to take the alternative route. I arrived in before the Municipal albergue opened and watched the pilgrims come in, a good few I had seen before in Atapuerca. I met Daniella from Germany and Alex from Spain who are laid up with injuries. Shame I won’t get to see them again.

2015-05-07 06.32.34 2015-05-07 06.43.45 2015-05-07 06.59.40 2015-05-07 07.00.21 2015-05-07 07.12.27 2015-05-07 08.05.17 2015-05-07 08.14.41 2015-05-07 10.40.28 2015-05-07 10.41.34 2015-05-07 11.04.51 2015-05-07 11.46.08

One thought on “Camino 2015 – Day 2 – Atapuerca to Burgos

  1. There are actually 3 routes into Burgos. Two of them go by the airport until Castanares. Then one takes the main road into Burgos while another (you need to cross that main road and go straight to the river) follows the river and parkland into Burgos. It sounds like you got the nicer one, although I agree that the walk is still a LONG one that never seems to end.

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