Weekend Watch #1 – Beyond The Way

Before the New Year, I wrote about Andrew's Suzuki's "Don't Stop Walking" series on YouTube. It is a 6 part prequel to his upcoming documentary about his 2014 Camino. You can view this series on YouTube here. I found it to the point and entertaining at the same time. His documentary "Beyond The Way" is... Continue Reading →

Good News!!!

Nothing like good news to brighten up a dreary Tuesday morning. Just after 10am this morning, I received a tweet from @blogawardsireland saying that I had been nominated for an Irish Blog Award. It went on to say that I would receive an email with the next steps in the coming week. Being quite honest, this... Continue Reading →

Post Camino Blues

I can definitely relate to this. I’m sure there are some of you who feel the same way after a walk along the Camino.

Somewhere Slowly

The PCB is a serious, dreaded and sometimes oddly cherished pilgrim affliction with no known cure. It tends to hit people who have walked one or a combination of caminos in Spain for anything between a week and several months. The severity of the condition does not seem to increase with the time spent walking or planning, but will strike unexpectedly and unpredictably after the person has returned home and is settled in his or her ‘old life’ again. It has also been known to start on the flight home in some extreme cases, though this is rare. It often seems to be triggered by the subject trying to explain his or her experience to friends and family after the fact and finding that words will not sufficiently cover the matter.

The symptoms are many and varied, but will often include vacant staring whilst wallowing in memories of roadside poppies…

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What about next year?

It's now two months since I arrived in Molinaseca battered after the steep descent from the Cruz de Ferro. Last May was by far my favourite time and I met some great people. However most evenings since I returned home, I pick up either the Rother or Brierley guides and read through them. Next year... Continue Reading →

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