What about next year?

It’s now two months since I arrived in Molinaseca battered after the steep descent from the Cruz de Ferro. Last May was by far my favourite time and I met some great people. However most evenings since I returned home, I pick up either the Rother or Brierley guides and read through them. Next year constantly springs to mind. Do I go back next year and continue on? Or do I take a few years out and do something else? I am still in the middle of house-hunting also, so I have other things in the back of my mind. I’ve also being toying with the idea of walking the full Camino Frances but my job doesn’t allow for a full 35 days leave unfortunately. So I’ve accepted that any Camino walk will be two weeks more or less…unless I reach the age of retirement or win the lottery!!

Some of my Camino buddies are either in Spain walking at present or have made plans to return this or next year. So I feel a little bit left out. I’ve more or decided that “if” I do return that I will continue to the coast which works out at roughly two weeks. It is perfect. But I have “Santiago-phobia”. I haven’t been in Galicia since 2011 for a reason and I would much prefer to be strolling through the vast open plains of the Meseta instead. The Camino as a whole is a challenge and Galicia would be the toughest for me, mentally not physically.

Anyway, I hope to make a decision closer to the end of the year. My pack is at the end of my bed more or less full and any arranging will be minimal.

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