Another Camino…yes? no?

It’s amazing what a weekend away with Camino buddies can do for the soul. Before I took the trip down to Limerick, I was really doubting if I was going to return to Spain in 2016. I need a break, I want it to be fresh when I return and I don’t want to be there cursing the increasing numbers like I seem to do at home. Hmm.. not a good sign of so called Caminoholic!

Limerick is a beautiful part of Ireland and if you visit here, pay a visit to this part of the country. I took in two days of the Lough Derg stage was mostly flat, the next was hilly. I didn’t find it particularly challenging however. The new shoes were perfect and fit my feet like gloves. After each night, we had a sweet meal, a few drinks and talked about our upcoming Camino talk. I’m so up for this. I now know what to talk about and PowerPoint presentation skills have come back to me since I left them in secondary school!! I’m going back on the 11th of September and we have put the word out on local radio in that area. It’s kinda funny that three of us don’t even live in that part of Ireland but if we get the seed sown, I’ll go home happy. The important thing to remember here is that we are pilgrims giving a talk to prospective pilgrims. We won’t earn a cent from this unlike companies who charge a lot of money to give the same.

Anyhow..2016..I am aiming for a September pilgrimage from Molinaseca to the coast. I will badly miss the meseta but I can leave that for another year! 🙂

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  1. I guess the problem (?? – is it a problem though?) is I am thinking of all the negative aspects of Galicia and the Camino in general. Feed the spirit – definitely one of the reasons I go back to Spain each year. Thanks for reading again Ger!


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