Irish Blog Awards 2015 – the list has been whittled down!!

logoIt was only a matter of weeks ago when I heard the great news that I was entered into the 2016 Ireland Blog Awards. Well today, I was delighted to hear that I was placed on the Travel category longlist. There are literally hundreds of blogs in the competition as a whole with up to 10 categories; Travel being one. I guess the Camino de Santiago is such a niche subject that this is the only category it can be placed into and from what I see, I have the only blog that is dedicated to this subject. It also needs to be stressed that this is a part time adventure. I am out of the country 2-3 weeks every year so, I’m not sure I would consider this a travel blog!

2015-05-07 07.00.21

Anyhow, the list will be further shortened on the 2nd of September and will be opened to voting to the public afterwards so I will let you know if I get that far. This blog has been judged by a number of people so I am quite proud to reach this far. Anything else is a bonus. I just want to get the site out there and who knows what the future holds. The full longlist can be viewed here. The travel list is on page 17.

Fingers crossed for me, folks y buen camino!

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