Blog Awards Ireland – Shortlisted!!!

Just a quick update to my readers, subscribers and fellow camino-holics.

My blog has been shortlisted in the Travel section of the 2015 Irish Blog Awards! I’ve put up a nice sparkly button to celebrate this rare occasion. Pardon the expression, but I am a little Lost for Words at this time but I want to go one step further and this is where you, my dear readers, come in.

Shortlisted-Buttons-300x2504-300x250The Travel category is a list of 20 amazing, fantastic blogs, each with their own merits and here is little old me running this blog like a teenager busking in town in the pouring rain. I do this because I have a passion and I do this for folks looking to travel to the north of Spain.

There will be a public vote and that will start on the 7th of September 2015 and stay open for 2 weeks. The finalists will be reduced from the shortlist after this.

More news to follow!


  1. Very best of luck with the blog awards David. I look forward to and really enjoy your Camino blog so much. Your passion,love and enthusiasm for the Camino simply leaps off the page/screen ! I was literally following a few days behind you this year as I walked from Belorado to Astorga in May. The folks in Casa Waslala in Belorado spoke very highly of you ! Please keep on writing as I need my Camino fix for my next adventure will not be until 2017 !! Well done 👍

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    1. Aha Peadar the owners in Waslala were fantastic! I really enjoyed my stay there and can’t wait to pass through again. Possibly 2017 also. Next year I hope to walk from Molinaseca, please God. I hope you enjoyed your Camino to Astorga. I passed through there this year. It is a fabulous town! Thanks for the kind words!


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